Ken Caminitti tattoo

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Ken Caminitti tattoo

Post by bobdolejr » Thu Dec 16, 2004 12:06 pm

Hey tat2x I saw the tattoo you did for Ken Caminitti... I was just curious if you could tell us the story behind it? How long ago did you do it... what was he like? Here's the link to the picture ... mage_id=88

Just curious

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Ken's tattoo By aaron dale

Post by tat2tx » Mon Jan 03, 2005 6:15 am

this tattoo was done for ken after his first incarseration for vilation of probation. ken had been to Shaw's several times for tattoo's and to watch friends get tattoo's. This tattoo was designed to represent Ken's sign Tauraus fighting it's demons. Ken explained to me that he felt it would help remind him of his personal battles.I liked ken i did 3 Tattoo's for him the one pictured here , a cool sun on his ankill ,and a REPAIR job of some skulls someone else had done orriganly and he was'nt pleased with.{however we totaly went over it all}. i tattooed several of ken's friends he would bring to the shop.

my 2 cent's on my FRIEND and client

ken was COOOOOOOoooool.... he was a real nice guy!

I say this because we managed to spend a little bit of time together,

he was in a half way house due to his probation that was just down the street from the Shaw's being retired he did'nt have much to due so we would sit up at the shop drinking Coffee from this lil. coffe shop called Brazil across the street and just doing Good ol' fashioned bull s**ting . ken had an incredible collection of motor vehicles he realy enjoyed.He would bring these BAD A*S cars-truck's-motor cycles up to the shop it was like meet ken and his badd-as* toy's @ the shop ,people would come up to Gawk at what ever he was driving and sometimes recognize him Ken was alwas glad to shake hands, say hello ,sign his name, take pictures , or what ever it realy was neat to watch him chit-chat with common folk's { not dodge people like some famous people due}.

some time's the shop would be buzy when ken and friends would arive so they would have to wait to get tattoo's Ken never realy minded he would sit on the couch sipping some mixed mocha expresso thing and wait his turn NO COMPLAINTS no I'M RICH AND FAMOUS I SHOULD"NT HAVE TO WAIT....insted he would wait his turn and and enjoy mingling with folk's.

Ken realy was a great guy i personaly MISS him alot that's why i chose to share his picture of him and his tattoo , i have this silly belief that so long as some-one is spoken of thier sperit is with us . I like keeping ken around i tell some of his stories at the shop when folk's ask about him.

i kinda have to save most of the stories for movie right's and all hahaa yea right like some film guy want's to make a movie of Ken and his tattoo artist hahahhaaa

tell ya what if ya want more stories let me know and i will tell ya some more or better yet come on down get ya some tattoo's from the same chair and hear'em in person....

Thank's for asking Aaron Dale

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