Tattoos - Good and Bad...

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Tattoos - Good and Bad...

Post by Padrone » Mon Jan 31, 2005 3:34 am

I have three tattoo's. I've never got drunk and gone out on impulse to Joe Schmuckatelli's Tattoo shop and gotten a tattoo. I've researched what I wanted and took time to get an artist I trusted to do justice to the work I had in mind. I guess the question I had is what goes thru peoples minds when they go out on the spur of the moment... and while I understand that Tattoo Artists are running a business, why do they do these? I've seen good examples of the kind of stuff I am talking about even on this site. I dont want to classify them as tattoo's because I see a tattoo as a piece of art, and these dont qualify. The work is poorly done and yet the people probably payed a good amount of money for it. And yet they are proud of it. Sometimes it makes me wonder if stupidity is like a magnet with these people and they are just drawn to each other. Please dont think I am saying that ALL of the work I've seen on this site falls into this category as I see it... but there plenty of examples. When I see tattoos that show genuine skill on the artists part and time and thought on the recipients part I make sure to say something. Anyhow, thats just my two cents and I wondered what the others here thought.

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Post by TheTattooArtist » Mon Jan 31, 2005 12:17 pm

I think that one of the reasons that a large amount of people end up with the "poorly done tattoos" is that they are so exited and nervous, they fail to take the time to look over their intended tattoo astist portfolio. Some who look at portfolios, don't even know what they are looking at. Like line work, solid color, even grey washes, and such. They just flip through it quickly, only stopping to look at tattoos that are familiar to them. But unfortunatly we all cannot have the artistic eye to notice such things. You cannot change the general public, but you can try to educate all that walk through your studio doors, even if they have no intentions of getting tattooed then. Proper education of these people, will hopefully help them to know what to look for, types of designs that are more suited to them personally, and maybe they might educate one or two others.

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