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New littleun

Post by German_Girl » Wed Jan 19, 2005 9:35 pm

Hey ^_^ I'm seventeen and I've wanted this chinese dragon on my back, I cant find the exact picture <I figure I can find it/have some one draw it/or draw it myself... art runs in the family> but I've wanted it for about two years now, since i had it drawn on my back in henna by this indian lady, and I figure that if I want it that bad I can wait another year, that and I wanted another tattoo on the inside of my thigh in gothic old english lettering saying "Sex ist ein schlacht, Liebe ist kreig." translated it means sex is a battle and love is war, that or "Weiter, weiter ins Verderben Wir müssen leben bis wir sterben" The first one is Sex is a battle, Love is war and then the second one is Onwards, onwards into destruction We must live until we die ... both of them have a special place for me but I was just looking for opinions... that and if any of you know of a good quality tattoo parlor in seattle/bremerton/tacoma ??

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Post by death dealer » Mon Jan 24, 2005 5:44 pm

that tattoo on your thigh you speak of getting sounds like an interesting idea, can't remember seeing that design anywhere before, personally i would get it written in abstract lettering rather than latin but that's just my opinion i would get sick of explaining what it said. as for local tattoo parlors near you, i would love to get work by aaron bell over at slave to the needle, think he's in seattle. good luck

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Post by Padrone » Mon Jan 31, 2005 3:01 am

German Girl,

If you are serious about getting a tattoo then the best person in the state in my opinion is Steve Oliver. Hes done my work, my younger and older brothers back pieces, and my sister in law. Steve runs a shop out of Ephrata just the other side of the mountains. I am from Olympia originally and I flew all the way from Hawaii to have Steve do my work. His art work is amazing and his prices are great. To give you an idea my arm piece cost me $800. You can see Steve's flash and works he has completed on his web site or you can call him. His studio number is (509) 754-2576 Monday-Saturday 11:00am-7:00pm PST. Steve's work speaks for itself and as advertised on his site, he's got the most awards for his pieces for 100 miles around. His website is Below is my arm piece after hed finished just the black. And then the finished work.

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